Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

Results of Tourism Organization of Gracanica in 2016


Tourism Organization of Gracanica (TOG) has in previous year, which was very significant and successful, implanted 12 projects. The cooperation with numerous touristic agencies and organizations has been established, while existing cooperation’s with touristic agencies determined with memorandum of cooperation. All TOG’s activities aimed to increase the number of tourists within Municipality of Gracanica which were considerably higher than previous year. Gracanica is visited by approximately 25000 tourists, and the growth of the tourists from Asian countries is recorded (Japan, Taiwan, China).        

Within the promotional campaign for the needs of promotion of Gracanica as a tourist destination, TOG has designed large number of fliers and brochures (Intangible cultural heritage of Municipality of Gracanica, Tourist guide of Gracanica, tourist offer of TOG, tourist map, accommodation capacities, tourist attraction, etc.). The brochures and fliers were distributed to tourists, touristic agencies and potential tourists at Tourism Fairs.

Tourist info center and souvenir shop began to work at new location. During the past year, it has been constantly worked on increasing the number of customers and expansion of the souvenir offers within the souvenir shop. All publications of TOG are available in the tourist info center.   

International Festival of medieval arts and crafts – SHIELD is the project that marked the past year. This knight festival will become the traditional, and this year will be held on 23rd – 25th of June, during the Vidovdan ceremonies. For the needs of the festival, TOG has in cooperation with organization “Order of the Dragon” purchase the King Milutin clothes, Queen Simonida clothes, medieval civilian and archery clothes as well as Milos Obilic armor.   

As of September Gracanica got the first Tourism Development Strategy (2016 – 2021). We are proud on the fact that until now several activities were already implemented.

Aiming at the human resources capacity building, the TOG employees participate at more than 20 training and seminars.

The projects which TOG implemented in the previous year are:

  1.  Participation within the International Tourism Fair in Belgrade (donator: Municipality of Gracanica)
  2.  Presentation of medieval arts and crafts within the Vidovdan ceremonies (donator: Municipality of Gracanica)
  3.  Memorandum of cooperation with Municipality of Gracanica with the overall objective of tourism development and promotion of Gracanica as tourist destination (donator: Municipality of Gracanica)
  4.  Tourism Development Strategy of Municipality of Gracanica (2016 – 2021) (donator: Office of Community Affairs)
  5.  First International Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts – SHIELD (donor: USAID AKT – LS program, with the logistic and technical support of Municipality of Gracanica)
  6.  Intangible Cultural Heritage of Municipality of Gracanica (donator: USAID AKT – LS program, with the logistic and technical support of Municipality of Gracanica)
  7.  FAM TRIP – study visit of touristic agencies from Belgrade and Novi Sad (donator: Swisscontact)
  8.  Exit for peace tour – promotion of the documentary film (donator: Norwegian Embassy)
  9.  Instalment of the tourist info signs at the territory of Municipality of Gracanica (donator: Swisscontact, ongoing project)
  10.  Participation at International Tourism and Rural Tourism Fair in Kragujevac (TOG self-funds)
  11.  Djurdjevdan children carnival in Kragujevac (TOG self-funds with the support of TO Kragujevac)
  12.  Participation at “Just Out” Festival within Manasija monastery (TOG self-funds) 

Also, we participated in the promotion of many manifestations which has been held at the territory of municipality of Gracanica.

By this occasion we are expressing our appreciation to all donators for the support and trust provided, as well as to media which promoted our activities.