Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica



“Vidovdan Poet Vigil” takes place every year in Gracanica, which is the final event under the framework of Vidovdan ceremonies. 
The organizer of this manifestation is Culture Center in Gracanica, sponsor of this manifestation and Vidovdan rewards are: Office of Kosovo and Metohija within the Republic of Serbia Government, Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information and Gracanica Municipality.     
The manifestation involved a great number of poets from the region. The day before Vidovdan the poets receive the awards according to jury decisions: “Golden cross of Prince Lazar”, “Gracanica Charter”, “Despot Stefan Lazarevic Quill” and “Flagon of Kosovo Maiden”. The manifestation ends on Vodovdan 28th of June, traditionally in front of the monument to the Serbian fallen soldiers in Gazimestan.


One of the most significant events within the framework of Vidovdan ceremonies is opening of “Vidovdan Art Colony”.  Traditionally, the opening of art colony takes place in the gallery of the Culture Center in Gracanica.   
Dozen artists’ takes part in the colony and the winners deliver traditional awards: “Longin” for overall creation in the field of fine art, as well as “Dimitrije Popovic” awards which is given to the youngest and most successful creator.
The art colony is supported by Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information, Office of Kosovo and Metohija and Gracanica Municipality.