Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica


Memorial tournament “Dimitrije Popovic”

Memorial football tournament which takes place in Gracanica is dedicated to the memory of Dimitrije Popovic. He was murdered by Albanian extremists on 5th of June 2004. The tournament is held every year from 23rd of May and lasts until 5th of June. Every year many teams from Kosovo wide participating in this tournament, its being organized since 2005 under the slogan “Let’s play for future, remember Dimitrije”.

Memorial tournament “Borko and Zlatko”

Memorial football tournament “Borko and Zlatko” takes place in mid-June in Preoce, it’s dedicated to the memory on Borko Filipovic and Zlatibor Denic, two young men who stepped on a mine on the railway crossing between Preoce and Lepina on 15th of June 2000. The tournament last depending of the number of team’s registered, memorial tournament is first time held in year 2001. Youth of Preoce village organize the tournament, and one of the sponsors is Gracanica municipality. 

Traditional Easter tournament in Novi Badovac 

Every year at Easter, the football tournament is traditionally held in Novi Badovac near Gracanica. The tournament last for two days and the organizers are Youth and Local Board of Novi Badovac. All income of registered teams is dedicated to socially vulnerable cases   

Vidovdan volleyball tournament Donja Gusterica

Since 2014 under the Vidovdan ceremonies volleyball tournament takes place in Donja Gusterica. The tournament involves younger categories of volleyball clubs in the region, as well as clubs from central Serbia. The tournament starts from 20th until 21st of June. Tournament organizer is VC Partizan from Lipljan sponsored by Gracanica municipality.