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Monasteries and churches in Kosovo


Dečani Monastery - Dečani


Visoki Decani Monastery is endowment of King Stefan Dečanski III and Tsar Dučan. Construction ended 1335. The monastery is dedicated to Christ Pantocrator and Ascension of the Lord – Spasovdan.    


The Patriarchate of Peć Monastery - Peć


The Patriarchate of Peć Monastery is constructed from the third decade of XIII century until mid XIV century, it consists three churches:

The Church of Holy Apostles built by Archbishop Arsenije I, in the second half of the XIII century.

The Church of St. Dimitrije built by Archbishop Nikodim between 1321 and 1324.

The founder of the Virgin Mary Church, built around 1330 along the south wall of the main temple by the Archbishop Danilo II. By the Virgin Mary Church, on the south side, Danilo II built the church of St. Nikola.


Draganac Monastery – Prilepac

Constructed on the place of an ancient medieval church between 1865 and 1869 dedicated to St. Archangel Gabriel, the founder of this monastery is Serbian Prince Lazar.


Holy Archangels Monastery - Prizren

The monastery of the Holy Archangels is endowment of the Serbian Tsar Dušan the Mighty (King 1331 – 1346, Tsar 1346 – 1355). Built in the period from 1343 – 1352 on the place of ancient church within fortress of Višegrad. 

St. George Church - Prizren

The church dedicated to St. George is also known as “Runović church”, according to the surname of the founders. It is assumed that is built in the period between XIV and XVI century.

 St. John Baptist Church – Velika Hoča

It is assumed that the church of St. John Baptist is constructed in XIV century.


Devič Monastery – Lauša (Srbica municipality)

Devič monastery is constructed around 1434. Monastery was built by despot Đurađ Branković and dedicated to the Joanikije Devički.

 Banjska Monastery – Banjska

Monastery Banjska with its church dedicated to St. Stefan constructed between 1313 and 1317, as the endowment of Serbian Kin g Stefan Uroš II Milutin.

Gorioč Monastery – Istok

Within the frame of its complex Gorioč monastery stands the church of St. Nikola. According to folk legend it is constructed by St. King Stefan Dečanski and dedicated to St. Nikola. The old church of St. NIkola in Gorioč, from XIV century has not been preserved, and on its foundations is the church reconstructed three times, in XVI, XVIII and early XX century.


Zočište Monastery – Zočište

Zočište monastery or monastery of St. Kozma and Damjan, built in 14th century on the ruins of ancient byzantine sanctity during the reign of Nemanjić, but its founder is unknown.

Holy Virgin of Ljeviša – Prizren

The endowment of King Milutin, built in 1306/7 on the ruins of the XI century Cathedral.