Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

About us

Tourism Organization Gračanica (TOG) is nongovernmental organization established by the Gračanica municipality and USAID in December 2012 aim to develop the tourism industry. Therefore, as basic activities the TOG predicted: production of strategy and tourism development action plan, popularization of tourism attractions, education of the tourism employees, participation within regional international fairs and production of tourism guides, maps and brochures.
Essentially a large number of project and plans which TOG intends to implement is their sustainability as well as employment of young and creative people.
April 2014, tourism organization Gračanica established souvenir shop in center of Gračanica village in which there is approximately 300 various products currently. In this way, tourism organization Gračanica has indirectly employed around thirty souvenir manufacturers and artists from Gračanica and surrounding area.
By participating in international tourism fair in Belgrade and Kragujevac, tourism organization presented tourism potentials, attractions, offers and accommodation capacities within Gračanica municipality. At fairs were exposed all publications of TOG which were at that moment published. The visitors of TOG stand could enjoy in traditional Kosovo cousin and cultural-entertainment programme accompanied with folklore.   
In June 2014, as a part of Vidovdan ceremonies, the TOG organized a first digital exhibition on LED screen, in center of Gračanica village, named as “Lights and Colors of Gračanica”. After that two more exhibitions of this type where organized named as “Centenary of the First World War” and “Life and Endowment of King Milutin”.
In the forthcoming period TOG planning higher popularization of all tourism attractions trough the participation on regional fairs as well in production of various publications, in addition to popularization it will be worked on construction of the new tourism attractions, planning and organizing numerous events and tours, preparation of manual for tourist guides as well as manual for potential hosts within rural tourism.