Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

At International Tourism Fair in Belgrade the tourist offer of Gracanica was successfully promoted

The Tourism Organization of Gracanica has, at 39th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, which has been held from 23rd until 26th February, promoted touristic offer of Municipality of Gracanica and its surroundings.
For the needs of the promotion at tourism fair, TOG has prepared promo fliers, video clips, presentation of knight battles, medieval clothing’s and local souvenirs. More than 2000 various fliers has been distributed at fair (accommodation capacities of municipality of Gracanica, archeological park Ulpiana, tourist map of Gracanica, knights festival SHIELD and other) as well as 500 brochures (Tourist guide of Gracanica and Intangible cultural heritage of municipality of Gracanica).   
The main program of promotion of the tourist offer of Gracanica has been held at Saturday 25th of February. By this occasion, within the promotion of the second International Festival of medieval arts and crafts SHIELD, the employees of TOG were wearing the clothing’s of the King Milutin and Queen Simonida, and knight battles have been promoted too, which attracted the extremely great attention of visitors at the stand of TOG. The knight battles were presented by White Eagles association. The program included the projection of promo videos of Gracanica and knight festival too. After the presentation of knight battles, the parade of knights and promoters wearing the medieval clothing’s has been organized, which shared the promotional material of SHIELD festival. At the presentation day, the stand of TOG was visited by President of Municipality of Gracanica Mr. Vladeta Kostic and Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Mr. Branimir Stojanovic with its associates and municipal department directors.       
At fair the TOG held dozen meetings with tourist agencies from region. Tourist agency Sabra travel has already announced the visit of nine tourist group from Taiwan, which will be implemented from May until October of the current year. 
At this-year, 39th International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, the 13th International Fair of the Hotel and Catering Equipment “HORECA” has been held concurrently, the 8th Wine Fair “BeoWine” as well as Souvenir Fair “Visit the Serbia”.   

You may see more pictures of the tourism fair at our facebook page.