Туристичка организација Грачанице
Tourism organization of Gracanica

The children from Gusterica and Lepina traveled to Djurdjevdan children’s carnival in Kragujevac

On the occasion of the day of Kragujevac City, 6 of May - Djurdjevdan (St. George’s Day), the Tourism Organization of Kragujevac traditionally organizes the Djurdjevdan children’s carnival. On that occasion the Tourism Organization of Gracanica in cooperation with Tourism Organization of Kragujevac already fourth consecutive year organizes the participation of the pupils from primary schools from the territory of Municipality of Gracanica in this carnival.  
The group of 35 pupils from primary school Knez Lazar from Gusterica and primary school Vuk Karadzic from Lepina, accompanied by teachers and representatives of TO Gracanica, went today at 14 am to Kragujevac. The transportation of the pupils is provided by Municipality of Gracanica, while food and accommodation is provided by TO Kragujevac. 

The ceremonial parade of the Djurdjevdan children’s carnival starts at 11 pm in the center of the Kragujevac city. At the end of the carnival the visit to memorial park Sumarice will be organized for the pupils. 
We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to the Tourism Organization of Kragujevac and Municipality of Gracanica for the help within the organization. 

You may see more pictures from this event at our Facebook page.